So remember when I told you guys that I would post on a regular basis? Well, I'm sorry but I got caught off with work and procrastination, sometimes. HAHAHA. Anyways, this post should have been 2 months ago so another apologies, lets just believe in the saying that, IT IS BETTER LATE, THAN NEVER. :)
A teaser for my PROFILE
Last April, the A-Fash had this project in collaboration with Reuben Malimban of Reuben Malimban Photography, a very kind, easy to work with and a very much talented photographer/student (his talent is evident in his albums). The project was named BLOGGER'S PROFILE, compiling A-fash members profile in blogging.

I had my photo shoot at a field for the theme that was assigned for me. A carefree set-up that perfectly suits my personality. (Though I had a hard time dealing with the wind >:) HAHAHA!)
The full compilation is in The Blogger's Profile Album of Reuben Malimban plus an interview of me answering the most common question for bloggers, "what is the mot challenging about fashion blogging?" [for me].

Blogger's Profile: The Pumps Demoiselle

And on with my outfit.
Gladiator shades: SM Men Accessories 
Actually, the outfit was a little off the theme because I wasn't really prepared for the shoot. I had my whole day class and practice.
Top: Hollister | Blazer: Thrifted
I always love this racer back top, it's sexy and classy as well.
High waist short: IDK
I had this short redesigned that would fit me perfectly, originally this is not fitting my body at all since it has lose whole for the legs.
And BTW, a special thanks to my friend, JAMIE PAROLA for accompanying me on my shoot and for her support and patience. 

So how'd you like it? 
Watch out for the rest of the A-fash gang for their own Blogger's Profile. ;)

Hugs and Kisses,

PREVIOUS POST: A Charity Dinner Concert - Part 1

Okay! Okay! We’ll now move one with the next artist, ‘cause I think I had enough detail of Kitchie from my first post.

 I’ll now present to you Luke Mejares.
I forget to tell you that I had my memory full already with Kitchie’s performance and picture and even almost drained the battery so I had to ran back to the hotel to charge and move the pictures, AND WITH THAT, I miss the half of Luke Mejares’ performance and the half of the half performance had become a for-my-eyes-ears-and-memory-only-performance. HAHAHA!

I still got his photos though...
He was great especially when he sang Adele’s song “Someone like You”, watching him almost perfectly sing the words of a lady song with a very high notes, was pretty awesome of him! Luke is really jolly and happy-go-luck type of guy who’s making the guests laugh the whole set because of his jokes and hirits.

He also quoted that a lot of Bicolana are pretty in the Bicol the language, saying, “Dakulon magagayon na Bicolana”. That was a shocker, but his good with the local language and hell right! We’ve got a lot of Bicolana beauties! What good eyes he has! HAHAHA! 
He also make the crowd roar in laughters and cheer when he started to sing “Pusong Bato” in his version and jokingly telling the guests that he’ll lose his career because of that, “Palaos na nga ako, mas lalong lalaos pa ko pagkinanta ko ‘to.” But I doubt it! He’s a good singer and there will always be a place for him in the industry. Right Luke Mejares fans out there??
Sadly, I didn’t get to have a photo op with Luke Mijares since his crowd was pretty crowded and I was waiting for Kitchie.  HAHAHAHA! So I think looks photos of him during the concert and while he sign autographs are good enough.

 Insider’s scoop: He’s also the last artist who stayed for a long time to meet and greet each and every one of the guests who waited to get close to him. How kind of him to stay and wait.
Last performance of the night was Juris, for all the Juris fans out there, lucky for you; she’s the only performer that I got good photos with. Sad for me, HAHAHAH! Just kidding!
Juris is a mellow singer that even the way she speaks was so mellow and so petite, really cute. She made the night complete with the love song back-to-back with heartbreak songs that she performed tonight. Her talent was really proven rich when she sings three Adele songs consecutively, which were, “Somebod Like You”, “Chasing Pavements” and I forgot the other one.

 So goooood! Her voice is really sweet and heart melting, especially; my favourite part of her set when she sang “A thousand Years” by Cristina Perri. Oh so sweet!
Well I didn’t also get a chance to had a photo op with her ‘cause she went straight back to her room right after the meet and greet, maybe because she’s tired and needed to get a rest. Besides, tomorrow is a Sunday; I think she’ll be flying back to Manila early in the morning to catch the performance in ASAP or something.
Anyhow, the night was a very big success. It ended well and everybody’s happy, especially the beneficiaries of the fund that was collected from the Charity Dinner Concert, wherever this beneficiaries may be.
A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE, to each and every one behind this big event!!! 

I've got to admit, this is one good thing working in a hotel of a good name; I’m still hoping I could still stick around long enough to be able to witness events of the thousand more that are coming of the likes.  And I hope maybe someday, I too, could become a major sponsor or even the great mind behind a successful charitable event just like this one. I always wanted to help those old people working on the streets despite their old age. 
*Fingers all crossed* 

Hugs and Kisses,

I had been totally hyper and uber exciteeeed (though I’m struggling with achy stomach) tonight!! Why? 
Well today’s Saturday not only that it’s a start of a “weekend off work” but also because of tonight’s event, the concert that I have been waiting for weeks now! 
Just you wait for the details of this event ‘cause this post will be loooooooong.

The Pay It Forward Project Asis Founadation, Inc and The Philippine College of Surgeons – Bicol Chapter Presents the “A Charity Dinner Concert” featuring Juris, Luke Mijares and the Rock Princess, none other than,  Kitchie Nadal with an exceptional dinner menu by former Junior Master Chef (Philippines), Chef Loiuse Mabulo held at the Tent of The Avenue Plaza Hotel.

This event was a fund raising  event for chosen beneficiaries of the PIFPAF as well as thanksgiving event for the people who supported the project.

The night started with a tummy satisfying dinner that was served by Chef Louise, a really great and talented 14-year old chef (yes, you read it right, she’s 14 and on her 2nd year of high school) that has been successful considering the hectic schedules she has to get over with and the achievements she’d been getting from well known establishments, in Naga City and as well as in Metro Manila.
The program fire up after the dinner. Few members of the major contributor of this charity concert, such as Dr. Mike Tuason and Dr. Bichara, had their short speeches before the concert proper, thanking people who showed their compassionate heart by their presence at the concert. 
A round of applause to everyone!!

To cut the chase and anticipation that I have been keeping, I present to you the first artist that spice up the night. KITCHIE NADAL!!! Wooooh!! 
 (phew!!) Sorry ‘bout that, I’m just a huge fan, that’s why. HAHAHA! This post might even become a Kitchie-tribute-post. HAHAHA! I’m sorry if I become a little bias here but I was really after her. 

For me she’s a great singer, a very kind hearted and obviously talented lady, with her incomparable voice of a true rock princess.

Here’s the story why I really like her, this goes way back my grade 6 years. If you could still remember the Korean series Lover’s in Paris wherein Kitchie Nadal was the singer behind the Filipino version OST of the Korean series. I was so in love with the series especially every time I hear her voice on the background singing the words with great love “Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin” which was a really big hit! I was even nicknamed after the Lover’s in Paris’ main character, Vivian’s num. 1 dialogue which is “Aja!” that means, “Fighting!”
Aaahh... Remembering those days gives me goose bumps.

Here are photos of Kitchie’s performance, singing some songs from her new album “Malaya” and of course the hit songs such as “Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin”.
 I apologize for some of the photos quality, it is video grabbed photos. HEHEHE!
I also want to share a little back stage moment that I had with Kitchie Nadal. I get a chance to had a photo op (thanks to sir Jerome J ) with Kitchie after her dinner at the hotel and a  little chit chat. 
I was telling her about my nickname’s story and she also says I really do look like Vivian. HAHAHA, she still remembers the series as well. Oh! She’s really nice and awesome plus pretty inside and out, no doubt! She even shared it with her company, (sir Jerome termed it as “i-chinika”), when Kitchie was like “Tignan mo. Tignan mo. Sino Kamukha n’ya?” as she talks with her friend while pointing at me on their way to the elevator. I was pretty tensed and shaky and really overwhelmed that she really listened when I talked to her. Pretty sweet right??

I also got her signed my album of her new album after the meet and greet. I met her back at the lobby. And take note that I didn’t even have to tell her my name again, ‘cause she instantly wrote after I hand her the album. Some artists tend to forget right away people they just met but she’s not just like that, I AM A LIVING WITNESS! Oooh! I’m so glad I had the chance to meet her after how many freakin’ years that gone by!

I think I had over-populated this post with Kitchie, eyh?? HEHEHE, Sorry but it’s so hard to control my emotions over her.

I’ll cut this post ‘because it’s already lengthy, I’ll talk about the rest of event in my next post....PEACE! 

CONTINUATION POST: A Charity Dinner Concert - Part 2

Hugs and Kisses,

 I am becoming a boy. The new stage of my mankind evolution. HAHAHA.
Last last last weeks (phew! So three weeks ago. SORRY.) A-fash theme was knitted/ something for the cold weather. We grab the opportunity of wearing something that are for cold season since our weather is quite cold these past few weeks. Late December weather I guess. 
 Knitted. Hmmmn. Here's what I've got.
Backpack: Jansport from Bratpack 
The backpackers get-up and all covered up from head to toe. HAHA. 
Cardigan, Top, Leggings: Mom bought it
 So to matched up with the outfit, I had to pose very manly. How was it though? Trying hard right? HAHAHA. 
In fashion, one should be creative and not afraid to try something new. Get out of your comfort zone and try new style. I was once caught up in my safe look, but then it hit me, how could I be possibly enjoy and learn fashion the right way without even trying other style? Step it up and own it!
The cap was quite deformed already (and it really shows), I don't know what Mom did but I'm trying to fix it. Hopefully it got back to its shape. 
Mom's now mine's
This one's a new stuff, I'm not really a cap person but this one, I LIKE! So took it from Mom. :)
Reva from SM Department Store
From L-R: Jamie | Ate Juvy | Danica | Jaime (new) | Mark | I | Jessa | Didi | Abby
And here's the A-fash with the new member/s :))

Hugs and Kisses,

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